Free, simple and
localization platform

Stringify is a free cloud-based localization and translation platform focused on ease of use and powerful developer-friendly tools. Trusted by many tech-companies around the world.


Multiple file types

Stringify supports multiple file types. From iOS and Android to JSON and PHP.

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Powerful CLI

We provide a CLI which will do all the hard work for you. Just use the sync command and the CLI will handle the rest.

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Smart conflict resolving

When multiple users make changes to the same string, Stringify automatically provides options to resolve the conflict.

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Why Stringify?

Other translation solutions

Developer first

Stringify focuses on developers. Our web interface for your client or translation agency is awesome too, but most features are focussed on making it easier for developers.

Translation agency first

Other translation solutions are focussed on large projects with multiple translators. This results in a lot of features that you pay for but don't need in most projects.

Simple, but powerful

Stringify is easy to get started with and focuses on the features that you and your client need the most. Besides that, the web interface looks neat and clean.

Overly complex

Other platforms use complex concepts and require a lot of time to get familiar with. The amount of features distracts you from the tasks you want to accomplish.

Powerful CLI

Our powerful CLI enables you to automatically synchronize strings with the server and merge contributions from other users. The developer is in control and decides when to synchronize the strings.

Git integration with commit noise

Integration with git sounds great, but experience shows that all these string update commits clutter your git timeline and reduce flexibility and clarity.

Free with unlimited strings

Stringify is free to use without entering any payment information. And yes, we offer unlimited strings, even in our free plan. If you need more, our paid plans are much cheaper than other solutions.

Expensive subscriptions

Other solutions not only offer very expensive subscriptions, they also offer little or no free options. Pricing is focused on the number of strings which can increase the subscription fee rapidly.

Get started right away

You can create an account right away and start using Stringify within minutes. Just hit the button below and learn how to get started.


To get started you often need to request a demo or quotation. Sometimes you are assigned to an account manager who tries to sell you more expensive plans.

How much? It's free!

Why free?

We believe a simple translation platform like Stringify is essential in every software development project. However, most other translation solutions are expensive and only offer a free trial period. So with that in mind, Stringify is free to use for the majority of users, including unlimited strings.

Do you require more projects or users? You can easily upgrade to a paid plan that suits your needs. If you want to cancel your plan a month later, that's no problem! 😃

  • Invite up to 3 users
  • Create up to 2 projects
  • Unlimited strings
€ 0,- $ 0,-

Do you want more? We got you!

  • Invite up to 15 users
  • Create up to 5 projects
  • Unlimited strings
€ 15,- $ 18,- per month, ex. sales taxes *
  • Invite up to 75 users
  • Create up to 15 projects
  • Unlimited strings
  • String history
  • Notifications
€ 35,- $ 42,- per month, ex. sales taxes *
  • Invite up to 300 users
  • Create up to 50 projects
  • Unlimited strings
  • String history
  • Notifications
€ 95,- $ 115,- per month, ex. sales taxes *

* Subscriptions are charged in euros. Dollar prices are estimates.